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Stone Tech Pro – Natural Stone Care Only From Dupont

DuPont Stone Tech™ Professionalis a water based sealer for Stone Care and Tile Care.


Stone Tech™ is designed for natural stones, and tiles. Stone Tech is a range of innovative cleaners, sealers, and Tile & Stone care products for marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, travertine, slate, and terracotta. Stone Tech unique cleaners, sealers, and care range will ensure that your natural stones, natural tiles stays cleaner, and looks beautiful for longer.

Stone Tech is safe to use, and effective inside the home such as kitchen, floors, and bathroom, as well as, outside such as on pavers and copings. Want to transform the look of your stones and tiles? Stone Tech not only protects, but also enhances, and effectively solves comon problems with natural stones and tiles such as scratch marks, and etching.

Please contact DuPont for the best solution for your stone and tile care needs.

Recent Projects
1. Wynn Hotel; Las Vegas, USA; 2. Mandalay Bay Hotel; Las Vegas, USA; 3. Apple Computer Stores; USA (National coverage); 4. Joe Montanna’s House (NFL football celebrity); 5. San Francisco Court House, San Francisco, USA; 6. Marie Elisabeth Luders Haus A Berlin, Germany (Office Space); 7. Hotel De Ville D’Avyguvuves, France.

Colours and Finishes
Green, Metallic Grey, and Brown finishes to match the colours of your home

795mls Trigger Sprays, Disposable Wipes, and 1 litre, 4 litre, 20 litre, 200 litre bottles and drums

General Advantages
• Microbond™ technology in our sealers means it literally bonds to the surface upon contact; which means porosity of stones is no more an issue
• Protection againsts all kinds of stains with our sealers
• Our sealers offer same day application, and stain performance even though the floor is wet after clean.
• Our cleaners protects, and cleans at the same time
• Dupont Wear Warranty
• Environmentall friendly
• Easy to Use
• Low odor





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