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Fiandre starts its calendar of appearances at international architecture and design events in 2012 at Batilux: Exclusive Architecture & Construction on January 19 and 20 in the Principality of Monaco.

A meeting place for experts in the field, a hotbed of new solutions, products and innovations for the constructions of today and tomorrow, Batilux showcases a highly selective range of exclusive products and cutting-edge solutions for architecture and construction.

In a truly elegant, refined setting, a place where the future is a challenge for everyone, both actors and spectators, in search of more and more unique, innovative solutions, Fiandre offers its world record: Maximum, the world’s biggest porcelain stoneware tile. A single tile can cover 4.5 square metres, with all the lightness and flexibility of an incredibly thin tile: 6 or 3 mm, implying a whole new way of covering walls and floors. Aster Maximum and Marmi Maximum are tools for the architecture of the future, in which the technical properties traditionally associated with Fiandre’s outstanding porcelain stoneware meet the transparency, immensity and flexibility of a material with huge application potential.

Maximum Fiandre: the material of your future!


Batilux, January 19-20 2012

Grimaldi Forum, Espace Ravel,  10 Avenue Princesse Grace

BP2000, Monaco Cedex

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