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RAK's iDesign Tool, a custom-built application also available in iPad downloadable from App Store

rak1RAK Ceramics, the world's largest ceramic tiles & bathware manufacturing company, has announced that as part of their global digital marketing strategy it has recently completed installation of new Touch Screen devices in its showroom, making it a lot easier for customers to search for their favourite models and designs. RAK Ceramics further revealed that it has launched an iPad version of the Touch Screen application, RAK's iDesign Tool is available for download on App Store, while it has also introduced the groundbreaking "Scan Coding System" that can easily direct customers to the RAK Ceramics web page containing complete information about their chosen products.

The new Touch Screen device offers a wide range of features that cater to the needs of all types of customers, including walk-in visitors, architects and contractors. It has an Instant Tiling Visualizer for tiling projects in bathrooms, kitchens, exteriors and living rooms; a Tiling Area Calculator; a user-friendly Auto Mode for walk-in customers to check out ready-made themes; an Advance Tiling Mode for architects and contractors to customize tiling themes and patterns and access the Decor tool for random decorations; Search Tile for advanced users to search specific tiles with seven different filters; and a Tile Locator that shows the exact location of each tile in the showroom.

The Scan Coding System allows customers to use a smartphone equipped with the corresponding application to simply scan the QR code on a newspaper or magazine advertisement, which will then direct the smartphone's browser to the RAK Ceramics web page that contains all the information about the advertised product.

Abdulla Mahmood, Head of Marketing & Communication, RAK Ceramics, said: "The launch of the Touch Screen devices reaffirms our strong commitment to enhance customer satisfaction through our products and value-added services. These devices allow customers to instantly visualize the aesthetic effect of each tile, making it a lot easier for them to decide on the best models and designs for their tiling projects. It is also very intuitive and user-friendly, so customers can operate it without assistance. We have even launched an iPad version of the application under the name RAK's iDesign Tool, making it an invaluable mobile tool for our customers and they can directly download the application from App Store."

"The Scan Coding System, on the other hand, makes RAK Ceramics' print ads and all promotional materials truly interactive, allowing clients to directly access all the information they need about the advertised products. These new value-added services underline the ongoing thrust of RAK Ceramics to invest in cutting-edge technology to serve our customers better," added Mahmood.

RAK Ceramics is a USD 1 billion global conglomerate that supplies to over 150 countries and has been officially recognised as the world's largest ceramic tile manufacturer with a global production output of 117 million square meters. RAK Ceramics offers a comprehensive product portfolio comprising over 8,000 designs in ceramic tiles, Gres Porcellanato, and several models in bath ware. RAK Ceramics has earned distinctions such as the Best Brand of 2010 and CSR Company of 2011 at Middle East Business Leader's Summit and Awards and recently the CMO Asia's Best Brand 2011. The company was also honoured by the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) for complying with good governance and transparency according to best international practices. RAK Ceramics has also maintained its Superbrand status for the third consecutive year and continues to be a global pioneer in the world of ceramics through innovative eco-friendly products such as RAK SLIM, 45x45 Wood Collection, Stone Art Collection and Orion Collection using the latest Nanopix digital printing technology. RAK Ceramics is also the founding member of Emirates Green Building Council, which supports the development of sustainable buildings in the UAE.

Below is the link to the application or you can visit the itunes on apple website to locate the application and directly download the application.



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