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Protection of our environment-LEED® and CERTIQUALITY for Ceramica Fioranese.

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Protection of our environment-LEED® and CERTIQUALITY for Ceramica Fioranese.
Ceramica Fioranese has certified its focus on the protection of our environment. But not only on account of its ECOGRES brand – the name of its range of porcelain stoneware tiles that is the outcome of its pursuit for sustainable development for the past ten years or so. The company also joined the list of U.S. USGBC MEMBERS this year. The U.S. Green Building Council was founded in 1993, leading to the creation and promotion of the LEED® standard since 1999. The LEED® standard (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an acknowledged, voluntary certification that assesses and certifies the social and economic environmental sustainability of buildings from the planning stage to the actual building. Many Ceramica Fioranese branded products have the necessary technical and structural specifications that can help boost a building’s LEED ® rating: they are now certified by CERTIQUALITY, an independent testing authority, for this very reason.






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