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DUNE has been presenting their new collections at the show Mosbuild, Moscow.


As usually at this stage of the year, DUNE has been presenting their new collections at the show Mosbuild, Moscow.

Among the novelties, DUNE showed new porcelain tile mosaics, belonging to the XtraDeco series, which offer an endless world of decorative possibilities: unbelievable colour blends that leave none indifferent.

Another surprising series by DUNE is Living, a range of wall and floor tiles in 30x60 cm. including the trendiest designs in 3D tiles and the most sophisticated decorative tiles with cashmeres and oversized plant patterns.

Be Natural is perhaps one of the most interesting new launchings, where natural wood teak products are the real main point to enhance any decorative project. One of the main features of Be Natural is the play of light and shadow caused by the difference in thickness and surfaces of the wood chips on each piece.

To produce Be Natural, DUNE make a rational and committed use of natural wood to ensure environmental sustainability. Besides, for the production process, DUNE cooperates with marginalized social groups and helps them to ensure a future.

Regarding the quantity and quality of visitors, we can consider the level as really remarkable, an issue that hopefully will become fruitful in the short to medium term and will bring a cosiderably major turnover.


TAU sets new design trends with its exclusive Mythos, Energy, and Night series .

TAU sets new design trends with its exclusive Mythos, Energy, and Night series.

TAU sets new design trends with its exclusive Mythos, Energy, and Night series and its ceramic tile proposals in an innovative 20x60 format
The Company will devote a specific space to S3-TAU, where it will showcase the Outdoor Waytecsystem, its innovative raised flooring system for the terraces of buildings

TAU is the leader in creative design, avant-garde trends, and ceramic solutions. In the 2010 Cevisama Trade Fair, the Company once again exhibits the creative potential offered by their ceramic materials. Thanks to one of the most extensive product lines available in the market, its personalised service, and expert customer guidance, TAU exemplifies its unmistakable quality seal. This essence is perfectly summarised in the motto: Always be TAU, an idea which illustrates their continual innovation and the difference of their outstanding designs to satisfy the latest market demands, to the extent that all the Company's proposals cover all major spheres, ideal for new construction or refurbishment, interior or exterior, architecture or interior decoration projects. This dedication to excellence has allowed this trademark to become an undisputed market reference with its continual renovation.

The TAU stand in the 2010 Cevisama Trade Fair has over 600 m dedicated to display its latest novelties and it is divided into independent areas; whereby S3 (Smart Surface Systems)-TAU, (the business unit specialised in providing architectural and urban solutions by means of ceramic materials) has an exclusive zone to showcase its systems and products; accordingly it has created a ceramic setting in an urban hotel terrace thanks to its Outdoor Waytecsystem, a raised technical flooring system with large format which is ideal to refurbish irregular surfaces and variable slopes in attic apartments, terraces, and any exterior surface, with outstanding high resistance and thermal efficiency. On this occasion, it is proud to display its Galena model in 45x90 format.

In the TAU section, the Company exhibits its Energy and Night lines, the new generation from its successful Corten series, one of the most highly acclaimed aesthetic concepts worldwide and which best identifies the quality of the company’s craftsmanship. Corten Energy and Corten Night are two daring porcelain tile models, gracefully dynamic and inspired by metals in their pure state. Both series lend their own unique personality to the spaces with an aesthetic style which evokes fire, an effect which is completed with very smooth iridescent sparkles which have become its primary source of identity. Both models come in the formats: 45x45, 45x90, 60x60, and 30x60, and are available in two finishes: natural and polished.

The other star product in the TAU stand features: Mythos, a porcelain stoneware tile which is inspired by classic marble and is characterised by its graceful sophistication and elegance, not to mention the purity and austerity of its forms. It is available in the formats: 45x45, 45x90, and 60x60 with five chromatic shades.

Both Corten Energy and Mythos, the latter in a grey and black version, decorate the floor of TAU’s stand in Cevisama, which highlight the aesthetic options of these product lines.

Coinciding with Cevisama, TAU is also pleased to present its new tile line with 20x60 format, an exclusive and attractive proposal which was successfully launched in the last edition of the Cersaie Trade Fair in Italy, designed to satisfy the market’s new demands. Fiber and Point are two colourful proposals with playful geometric designs; TAU’s Arun and Luminia collection integrate the more classical, austere and sophisticated Alenda-Beires and Massa-Samaná series.

The Magma and Ombrone models deserve special mention with their 45x45 and 45x90 formats which were first launched on the market in the last edition of the Italian Cersaie Trade Fair, and now they make their official debut here in Cevisama. The two collections are directly inspired by nature; one specifically pays homage to limestone and the other to Rapolano marble. Their main feature consists in their meticulous treatment with new decoration techniques, whose result is a highly personal relief, refined with a warm touch. It is ideal for settings which emphasize comfort without sacrificing elegance.

TAU’s proposals for the 2010 Cevisama Trade Fair are completed with the floor tiles: Dessau, Gravel (micro-cement), Hammam (natural stone from the ancient Turkish baths) and the Hebra covering (textile finish available in three versions, Llovizna, Orvallo and Japan, whose finishes resemble rain drops on glass, to create a fresco effect).

In the framework of the 2010 Cevisama Trade Fair, TAU also wishes to emphasize its commitment to the environment by means of its TAU eco tile, the first ceramic tile models which include recycled materials in at least 45% of their content, which in some cases can represent up to 90% of its essence. All the TAU eco tile models have been officially certified by the Bureau Veritas firm.

Likewise, we feature the TAU fine series, a new concept in ultra-lightweight porcelain tile with large format which will revolutionise architectural design and home refurbishment. TAU fine is characterised by reducing the thickness of the floor tiles by over 50%, and even manufactures pieces with a minimum thickness of 5 mm. With its highly technical complexity, the product is available in two formats: 30x60 and above all, 45x90. The TAU fine technology has also been applied to its Corten, Corten Energy, Portland and Mythos models.

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TAU Advanced astonishes the Cevisama Trade Fair 2010.

TAU Advanced astonishes the Cevisama Trade Fair 2010.

TAU Advanced astonishes the Cevisama Trade Fair with its Afterdark project, the first intelligent, photo-luminescent and highly resistant ceramic material designed for architecture, urban development and avant-garde interior design projects
Visitors may inspect this innovative proposal in the exclusive S3-TAU stand and it inaugurates infinitely new decorative and functional options in interior and exterior design, and also represents a major step towards more sustainable buildings and environments.

Imagine a new space for each moment. New scenery per minute. Dream of a different room, based on the light that it has received. Witness a unique experience as you watch how your façade reveals its own sunset, slowly fading from a shining radiance into a slow relaxing twilight. Or imagine how relaxing it would be if the ceramic floor tiles which cover a metro station were capable of illuminating the premises in the midst of a blackout, making it possible to see in the darkness and comfortably guiding the users safely towards the exit.

Afterdark is all the above and more, it is the first intelligent photo-luminescent, highly resistant and 100% ceramic tile. This means it is a new concept which adds new functions to traditional ceramic materials from both a practical and aesthetic perspective. Afterdark is a project developed by TAU Advanced, TAU Ceramic’s creativity forum which is now on display at the 2010 Cevisama Trade Fair with major public success in the exclusive stand for S3 (Smart Surface Systems)-TAU, the prestigious trademark’s engineering division.

The Afterdark project is destined to revolutionise the urban development, interior decoration and avant-garde architecture sectors. Afterdark is pure emotion, as well as new features and functions. Thus, the novelty of this S3-TAU project resides in its astonishing aesthetic component since its appearance varies depending on the intensity of the luminous action previously projected upon it, in such way that the result is perpetually new and continually changing. Hence, its phosphorescent effect creates an incredible array of matching lights and shadows in private and public spaces, exterior surfaces and façades, leisure and commercial premises; Afterdark has initiated a new research field which has infinite applications in areas such as contract, architecture and interior design.

On the other hand, Afterdark is an intelligent ceramic material capable of providing solutions in unimaginable scopes, which transcends all known limitations to date. Its application is especially relevant in urban settings and public spaces, since the light, which Afterdark releases after the energy that it has captured previously, makes it possible in situations such as blackouts, to illuminate the premises, thus preventing distressing situations due to darkness, disorientation or any other panic situation. Metro stations, streets, shopping centres, discotheques, cinemas, etc. are just some of the spaces which could benefit from the properties of the Afterdark project.

TAU Advanced’s latest photo-luminescent innovation for S3-TAU has a third and no less important contribution: It is a material which facilitates energy efficiency within the Company’s commitment to create more sustainable cities and human environments. The option to accumulate energy in order to subsequently release it into the environment at specific time periods represents a major energy savings over a long time period, hence contributing to prevent electrical consumption from traditional sources. For example this is the case when using Afterdark in the façade of a public building, institution, or important business corporation, since this product facilitates a perfectly visible installation and social projection in the city’s skyline, with a major reduction in energy consumption and evidently, it is not necessary for this architecture to sacrifice its exceptional nature and social relevance in the urban horizon. A completely pioneer concept up to now.

Afterdark’s advantages are achieved without sacrificing the innate features and performance of porcelain ceramic materials, in which TAU Ceramics is one of the world’s leading references. This means, Afterdark remains unaltered over the passage of time; it resists the effects of wear and tear due to user transit or atmospheric elements. It is easy to clean and does not require any special maintenance; hence its results clearly surpass those offered by other materials, whereby it clearly stands above the competition.

Afterdark is a new concept in urban development, architecture, and interior design. It is a comprehensive avant-garde, aesthetic and functional language which is the outstanding result of this trademark's dedicated search for new solutions by means of ceramic materials. Consequently, TAU Advanced has recruited a multi-disciplinary team of experts, capable of applying the cutting-edge progress in the scope of optics to create this intelligent ceramic tile. Likewise, we highlight that the pigments used to achieve this photo-luminescent effect clearly represent a total revolution, since its composition and application in the material are harmless for the environment.

Due to all the above, Afterdark is avant-garde fashion, efficiency and sustainability. It is the future which is now reality. Afterdark is the decisive step in this trademark's dedicated work to develop intelligent products and materials capable of providing effective solutions for the challenges which exist in cities and their new public and urban spaces. The goal is to make the city into a better place to live. In 2050, it has been calculated that 70% of the population will inhabit urban environments, which makes it essential to develop intelligent materials to provide not only today's solutions but to satisfy citizens' future demands. This is the challenge which S3-TAU accomplishes every day.

TAULELL, S.A.Ctra. Alcora, Quadra La Torta 2, 12006 Castellón, España
Tel. +34 964 25 01 05, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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