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Technical Data-limestone floor tiles

Technical Data-limestone floor tiles

Limestone tiles are a truly natural flooring option and are formed as a sedimentary rock composed mainly of Calcite (CaCo3) that constitutes about 10% of the the sedimentary rock exposed on the Earths surface.Limestone tiles are formed by crystalisation of water or by the accumulation of shell and shell fragments. Limestone tiles are usually light coloured however with impurities such as iron oxides and organic materials they can take on a variety of colours and surface markings.Limestone tiles have been used as a building material for many generations and is gaining popularity as a sophisticated flooring material offering the timeless qualities only possible with natural materials.

Choosing a material

You must consider the application when selecting a stone to ensure it's suitability. Choosing the correct material is always a balance between asthetics and practicality and we are here to help and will advise you.

There are many cheap Limestone tiles now available on the "web" but in general terms some are only suitable for specific use and you should consider carefully the long term investment of your floor.It's always worth looking at the technical specification particularly the porosity etc and always clarify the intended application of the material.You get what you pay for and If it sounds to good to be true it usually is.

We usually only offer the harder Limestone tiles as these offer predictable maintainance properties and they have considerable advantages over Travertines as they do not have the typical surface holes and fisures that need to be filled and can break down over time.

The application is important when choosing a material for example, you could use a particular Limestone on a Bathroom floor but would it be suitable for a busy family kitchen? We have a very experienced team who are happy to discuss your requirements and make recommendations based on the application.

Many limestones can vary,this is quite normal and in many cases desirable but you should always insist that if possible your order is supplied from a single batch and be wary of making a decision based an a single sample tile particularly,if a larger area is involved.A quarry is constantly moving forward so the sample may not represent the batch you obtain.It is always advisable to see a reasonable area of any material you are considering to see the typical shading variances etc.We usually only sell from stock and are pleased to have customers see physical stock before deciding.

We cut and surface finish many of the materials in our own factory and hold over 1000 tons of various types of stone in stock.We can machine matching steps and skirtings etc and produce a range of Vanity and Kitchen Countertops.

Limestone tiles as with all natural materials will vary in shade and surface appearance.With many Limestones you can find lines,these are Quartz lines and are not cracks,in fact they are probably the strongest part of the tile.

We can supply samples of all our materials but it should be remembered that these are representative only and we encourage customers to visit our extensive showrooms where we can show you physical examples,actual floors and discuss their individual requirements.

Types of surface finish

There are several surface finishes available

Polished Only available with certain harder stones

Honed The most common surface finish.Can vary between matt and a slight sheen.

Brushed A textured surface that varies with the hardness of the material and the degree of brushing.

Water worn A process that gently ages the stone giving a softer look with slightly contoured edges.



Stone Tech Pro – Natural Stone Care Only From Dupont

DuPont Stone Tech™ Professionalis a water based sealer for Stone Care and Tile Care.


Stone Tech™ is designed for natural stones, and tiles. Stone Tech is a range of innovative cleaners, sealers, and Tile & Stone care products for marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, travertine, slate, and terracotta. Stone Tech unique cleaners, sealers, and care range will ensure that your natural stones, natural tiles stays cleaner, and looks beautiful for longer.

Stone Tech is safe to use, and effective inside the home such as kitchen, floors, and bathroom, as well as, outside such as on pavers and copings. Want to transform the look of your stones and tiles? Stone Tech not only protects, but also enhances, and effectively solves comon problems with natural stones and tiles such as scratch marks, and etching.

Please contact DuPont for the best solution for your stone and tile care needs.

Recent Projects
1. Wynn Hotel; Las Vegas, USA; 2. Mandalay Bay Hotel; Las Vegas, USA; 3. Apple Computer Stores; USA (National coverage); 4. Joe Montanna’s House (NFL football celebrity); 5. San Francisco Court House, San Francisco, USA; 6. Marie Elisabeth Luders Haus A Berlin, Germany (Office Space); 7. Hotel De Ville D’Avyguvuves, France.

Colours and Finishes
Green, Metallic Grey, and Brown finishes to match the colours of your home

795mls Trigger Sprays, Disposable Wipes, and 1 litre, 4 litre, 20 litre, 200 litre bottles and drums

General Advantages
• Microbond™ technology in our sealers means it literally bonds to the surface upon contact; which means porosity of stones is no more an issue
• Protection againsts all kinds of stains with our sealers
• Our sealers offer same day application, and stain performance even though the floor is wet after clean.
• Our cleaners protects, and cleans at the same time
• Dupont Wear Warranty
• Environmentall friendly
• Easy to Use
• Low odor





Non-Slip Treatment for Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Non-Slip Treatment for Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles


Non-Slip Treatment for Ceramic/Porcelain Tiles
Grip Guard Non-Slip  treatment is a highly effective application which modifies floor surfaces to make them slip resistant when wet.   

Most Australians are aware of their legal responsibility to provide a safe floor surfaces for pedestrians who access their premises.  Often, in spite of choosing tiles or other floor surfaces that are ‘slip resistant’ property owners find that, when wet, their floors are dangerously slippery. 

Areas such as verandahs, entryways, bathrooms, laundries, kitchens, food preparation areas, outdoor walkways, and driveways become a nightmare when water is spilled or tracked onto the floor.   

Grip Guard non-slip treatment modifies the floor surface to reduce the risk of pedestrians slipping and falling on wet floor surfaces.  The anti-slip treatment is not a coating but rather a surface modification treatment.  

The slip resistance is increased by creating a sort of ‘microscopic tread pattern’ in the floor surface that dramatically decreases the chance of aquaplaning – the major cause of slip and fall injuries on wet floor surfaces.  

Grip Guard non-slip treatment is also suitable for other stone-based surfaces including concrete (polished and unpolished), terrazzo, pavers, slate, limestone, granite, marble…virtually any stone-based surface.  

Floors treated with Grip Guard non-slip treatment can be walked on immediately after treatment has been completed so usually works can be carried during business hours, if necessary.  

Grip Guard operators are available to provide obligation free demonstrations and quotes throughout Australia in Victoria (Melbourne), New South Wales (Sydney and Newcastle), South Australia (Adelaide), Western Australia (Perth and Bunbury), Queensland (Brisbane), and Tasmania as well as internationally.

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