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A single-minded focus on technological innovation and an inquisitive eye that captures evolutionary trends in design and architecture have been hallmark features of Florim since its beginnings and are an integral part of the company’s history.



This is the background to Florim’s inauguration of its first showroom in Milan on the12th November 2009, with an event reserved for customers and designers. Spazio Florim, covering around 500 m², is sited in the chic central area of the city in via Fatebenefratelli nr. 9. Here, the company will be displaying the products and solutions associated with all its brand names (Floor Gres, Rex, Cerim, Casa dolce casa and Casamood), making it the perfect point of reference for architects, professionals and operators working in the areas of building and design.

Spazio Florim was created in the centre of Milan to provide a promotional initiative in one of the most important European capitals in the world of architecture, design and decor, also in view of the forthcoming Expo 2015 exhibition.
Another sign that even in today’s difficult climate, Florim continues to display confidence by investing in the future and in the strength of its products, technology, brand names and services.


Via Fatebenefratelli 9 - Milano
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News-Ventilated façades-thermal insulation and noise reduction-Vives Azulejos y Gres.

 News-Ventilated façades-thermal insulation and noise reduction-Vives Azulejos y Gres.

The ventilated façades are a building solution that is becoming more and more extended thanks to its high quality and aesthetical characteristics. It presents several advantages as for example thermal insulation and noise reduction.

The use of a second skin façade creates a protection against atmospheric agents, as the wind, the sun, the rain, the snow, etc. This results in less wear on the façade and lower maintenance costs.

Vives Azulejos y Gres presents as suitable for ventilated façades its big size porcelain ranges in 45x90, 60x90 and 60x120.

A ventilated façade is a wall covering system that incorporates a ventilated cavity between the covering and the insulation. It is considered the most efficient system for insulating buildings as it eliminates unwanted heat bridges and condensation problems, resulting in excellent thermal-hygrometric behaviour.

Components of the system:

- Vertical profile attached to the support by cantilever fastenings.
- Mechanical holding clips.
- Wall panels.


tlIn order to offer solutions for ventilated façades, Vives Azulejos y Gres works in collaboration with Mecanofas, which is a company that has been dedicated to the commercialisation and assembly of ventilated façades for more than ten years. The manager of this company is Carlos Sanchís, the real pioneer in the introduction of the ventilated façades and the main responsible in the Karrat S-7 fastening system promotion. Carlos has also been awarded with the Alfa de Oro, which is a prize presented in the most important fair in the ceramic sector: Cevisama.

Ceramics has become one of the main options when creating a second skin façade. It provides the building with a sophisticated and elegant image contributing to create more elegant and distinguished urban spaces.

Vives Azulejos y Gres ranges include some series, which, thanks to its size and resistance to bad weather conditions, are suitable for this type of use. Some of the most suitable sizes are: 45 x 90, 60 x 90 and 60 x 120.

In size 45x90 we can find series as KENION, y CARONTE. Both of them are elegant and frost resistant porcelain tiles.

On the other hand, we have the porcelain series HIDRA y LOIRE. HIDRA and LOIRE in size 60x90. HIDRA series has a high PEI so this is a very resistant tile front abrasion and erosion, as well as frost and slip resistant. LOIRE series presents a look that simulates the stone looking. Finally, the CONDOR series in 60x120 is a frost resistant and rectified porcelain tile with an elegant finish.

VIVES – Is becoming more common the use of ceramic in ventilated façades?

Carlos Sanchís – After several years of effort, nowadays the ceramic ventilated façades have been consolidated.

VIVES - Are the advantages of using this material in ventilated façades well known?

C.S. – There are some independent works by companies from this sector that have made a comparison between ceramic as floor tile and other alternative materials such as marble, limestone, granite, etc. In façades the range is wider, including materials as prefabricated concrete, plywood sheets, aluminium panels, etc. Moreover, there are needed essays to check the resistance front atmospheric factors and ultraviolet rays.

VIVES – Which system or ceramic size would you use considering safety, economy, etc.?

C.S. – The most suitable size for the visible or hidden clip system is the 45x90. The 60x120 and the 60x90 are the most recommended for the back fastening system, even though a horizontal substructure is needed.

VIVES – How does the ventilated façade system contribute to a sustainable construction of both new and renovated buildings?

C.S. – In general, ventilated façades provide the building with an excellent resistance front humidity and temperature, independently of the used material. Moreover, the ceramic ventilated façades, thanks to its lightness, allows the renovation of existing buildings, giving them a modern and durable looking.

VIVES – Which innovations can be presented in a ceramic ventilated façade construction?

C.S. – The innovations in ventilated façades take two clearly defined ways. The first of them is the research and development of chemical fastening system, considering that nowadays the ceramic tiles are becoming thinner which makes difficult the use of a mechanical fastening system. On the other hand, the second line is based in the additional characteristics such as the photovoltaic integration, protection against electromagnetic waves, etc.

VIVES – Which are the main characteristics of your ventilated façades system?

C.S. – Our fastening systems are basically characterised by their safety and fast installation, as well as the wide range of systems that we offer, which are adaptable to different tile sizes and thickness in order to optimize costs.

VIVES – Which are the stages to follow in a ventilated façade project?

C.S. – Basically the redesigning, the installation of cantilever fastenings and fastening edges, the vertical profiles installation, the isolation, the installation of horizontal profiles, if they are needed, and finally, the collocation of the porcelain tile.

VIVES – Which determining factors do we have to consider in a ventilated façade performance?

C.S. – Usually, the ventilated façades are only tested front wind conditions, event though the ventilated façade is also subjected to horizontal efforts, due to the wind, and to vertical efforts, due to its own weight. Regarding buildings, we have to add three factors: to study the state of the supports where we will fix the cantilever fastenings; to verify the overweight that is going to be added to the building, in the case of renovations; and finally, to confirm the forged edges setback. These forged edges project around 10 cm. from the façade. If the building does not have these setbacks, the forged edges will project more than the legal limits.

VIVES – How does DIT contribute to the collocation of a ventilated façade system?

Basically, safety. There are two kind of organisms that certify its proficiency in a building system, these are Instituto de Construcción Eduardo Torroja and Instituto de Tecnología de Cataluña (ITEC). The first of them certifies by way of the DIT: Technical Suitability Document, and the second through the DAU: Use Adequacy Document. Obtaining these documents is voluntary and what it is described on them is that the system itself will fulfil properly the requirements if it is applied according to the document. The lack of normative in this field is the reason why these documents exist. In case there was a normative, we should apply it and these documents would not have any validity.

Vives Azulejos y Gres, S.A. Ctra.
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SHANGHAI EXPO 2010-from 1st May till 31st October in Shanghai .

SHANGHAI EXPO 2010-from 1st May till 31st October in Shanghai .


The next world Expo will be held from 1st May till 31st October in Shanghai and the theme will be “"Better city, better life".
The city will be the ideal stage where to compare different development experiences and new approaches to the human habitat, in order to promote the sustainable development.
An event that counts on the participation of over 200 countries and International organizations with an average of 70 million visitors foreseen over the course of the exhibition.
Fiandre will be present into the Italian Pavilion, designed by arch. Giampaolo Imbrighi: a 7000sqm surface, 18 mt high with several figures in different rotating sizes that should be interpreted as a sort of mosaic where the building modules express a metaphor for the Italian traditional pluralism and regional customs.
The Italian Pavilion presents products and materials showing the ability of innovation, the dynamism of the Italian companies, the acquired experiences in the improvement of the cities' quality and, last but not least, the country's excellence, in one word: the "Made in Italy".
Fiandre decided to accept this challenge and to offer its innovative, technologically advanced and aesthetically high products, to represent not only the brand, but the whole ceramic sector.
Fiandre is then very close to the topics that will be discussed during the Expo: the urban development in the respect of the environment is an aim that the company is contending far back, investing in the research of materials with the minimum environmental impact> and offering advanced solutions, capable to face the global energy consumption.
The Organization Board decision of including the company among the partners for the Italian Pavilion has to be read as a further proof of the prestige and the quality of Fiandre made in Italy: its large products range allows once again the participation of the company to a worldwide event, follow up of a philosophy that is a winning stimulus and a confirmation of the values that Fiandre during the years is communicating to the architecture and project world.

After Beijing’s Olympics, the Chinese authorities' ambition is to marvel again the world, organizing the biggest exposition ever, that will bring to the city of Shanghai the attention of the whole world, consecrating it as big international capital.
It's the first Universal Exposition that will have as main theme the city in relation to the quality life, one of the most discussed topics on the future of our planet. The 2010 Shanghai Expo will be inaugurated the 1st May 2010 and will remain open till the 31st October, for 6 months and, according to the most recente stimate, the foreseen flow... is about 80 million visitors, with an average of 600 persons per day. The official theme of the event is “Better city, Better life”, that can be reinterpreted consenting the involvement of numerous sectors. Italy will be present with its National Pavilion that belongs to the restricted circle of the biggest pavilions (over 6000 square mt) that will be realized only by 12 countries. For the occasion, the Governement has created by the Foreign Office a specific structure, the Government Commission for the 2010 Shanghai Worldwide Exposition, guided by the General Commissioner, Prof. Beniamino Quintieri.  »

18 metres high, 7.000 square mt for the total exhibition space: Italy will be one of those countries present at high levels in the2010 Expo.
Our Pavilion will be a proper mini - city, with a precise reference to the one that will host the Expo but mostly to our country's mixed character: it represents us, our culture, our creativity,our extraordinary quality and the companies innovation that will contribute to make this huge exhibition space unique.
The world always expects the best from Italy in terms of originality. But we can manage to stand out also for the technical and scientific... excellence of our companies.  »


 GranitiFiandre S.p.A
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42014 Castellarano (Reggio Emilia)
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