R.A.K Ceramics - SUPER BRAND for 2009 by the council of SUPERBRANDS .

R.A.K Ceramics - SUPER BRAND for 2009 by the council of  SUPERBRANDS .

rIt is our great pleasure to inform you that R.A.K Ceramics has been ADJUDGED  as a  SUPER BRAND for 2009  by the council of  SUPERBRANDS which is the world's largest independent Brand arbiter.  SUPERBRANDS  pays tribute to established brands  all over the world  through various offices worldwide, with some excellent publications on the world's superbrands . The Council consists of eminent personalities in the world of branding. RAK Ceramics will feature in the UAE Superbrands book 2009 to be published later this year.

To be voted as a Superbrand by an independent Council is a powerful endorsement and evidence for existing customers, potential customers, the media, suppliers, investors and employees of your brand’s exceptional status.

rakJust to give you an example, the following brands in UK have been identified  as Superbrands earlier ( Google, Microsoft, BBC LG, Samsung, FedEx, British petroleum, British airways, Sony).  In USA the following brands have  enjoyed  the status of super brand through the same organisation( American Express, Audi, Coca Cola, Ford, IBM Pepsi, Panasonic, Snickers, Sprite). In the UAE, the folllowing brands have the  super brand status currently Cannon, DHL, Etisalat, IBM, MasterCArd, Starbucks, Xerox, Emmaar, Emirates Bank, Dubai Properties, Acer, Amlak, Colgate, Nakheel, Tamweel,  Panasonic & a few others.    RAK Ceramics will join this elite list for 2009.

An Award will be presented to RAK Ceramics soon at the Superbrands Tribute event later this year.  A special publication from  SuperBrands, listing RAK Ceramics in it,  will be available for distribution
About  Superbrands

The Superbrands organisation is acclaimed worldwide as being an independent authority and arbiter of branding excellence and is committed to paying tribute to exceptional brands and promoting the discipline of branding. The work we do at Superbrands is recognised through our books, Events and Awards programmes, internet sites, research and through significant international media and PR coverage in newspapers, magazines and on television and radio.

The Superbrands Council in each country is comprised of individuals who have shown exceptional aptitude in business and who have a thorough knowledge of that particular country’s markets and methods of business. The Superbrands Council members are asked to score brands from a list provided by our researchers (we list all brands available in the country that are widely available) and the scoring is tabulated to result in the top scoring brands being designated as Superbrands.
The Superbrands are then notified of their status as Superbrands and are invited to take part in the Superbrands book and Tribute Event. All Superbrands, regardless of whether they participate in the book or not, are awarded the Superbrands trophy. Participating brands receive their award at the Tribute Event and non-participating brands receive theirs by courier.

The Tribute Event is a high profile, premier marketing occasion attended by the media which brings considerable media exposure for the Superbrands members.

Superbrands events are attended by representatives from all the Superbrands and what is probably the largest collection of senior brand guardians (including Chief Executives and Managing Directors) at any event in the calendar year.

Superbrands has proven to be an outstanding success in the UAE over the last few years. Comprehensive distribution and public relations programmes have built significant business, marketing and education audiences.

The Superbrands’ stories are fascinating. But there is more to discover, as the members of the Superbrands Council give their perspectives on just what it is that makes a Superbrand. The Council comprises some of the UAE's most eminent media and communications executives, along with some of the sharpest business minds in the country. Here, they each share their deep appreciation of what constitutes that rare and so valuable thing – a Superbrand.

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