Lifetime Leather Floor Tile

Lifetime Leather Floor Tile

Available in 10 standard dyed through colors: Saddle, Honey, Cedar, Red, Moss, Slate, Black, Brick, Green, and White. Custom colors and finishes are also available as is embossing, inlay, antiquing, abrading, distressing, abusing and laser engraving with almost any design.


Please take a moment to view a recent Lifetime Leather Floor Tile mention on HGTV's What You Get For The Money.

Lifetime Leather Tiles are 1/8" thick (9 -10 ounces per sq/ft), flexible but not limp, and with a high degree of dimensional stability. Unlike other floors, when you step bare footed on leather it will warm to your body temperature almost instantly. That makes it feel warm in Winter and cool in Summer. Walking barefoot on leather, skin to skin is a most luxurious and sensual feel, making everyone smile. Walking on a Lifetime Leather floor with shoes or boots hastens the eventual appearance of patina on the face of the leather; remember - this is a product that grows more beautiful with use and age.
A leather floor could have a textured surface that comes from embossing, or it could have a very smooth feel to the surface (without being slippery; our Fineschmecker Bee's Wax actually makes the tile almost slip-proof as well as water repellant). The tiles can also be laser engraved with borders or custom patterns and designs. The back of the tile may or may not be slightly sueded - it appears not to make much difference. Leather floor tiles are die cut from hides and available in the following sizes:
in inches 2x6, 3x3, 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 10x10, *12x12, *18x18, *24x24, 26x26 and 4x6, 6x12, *9x18, *12x18, 18x24 also a 2x8 for herringbone, 2x14 picket strip around 12x12 tiles. Custom sizes and shapes are available. *Most popular sizes.
Information on Metric Sizing of Lifetime Leather Floor Tiles is available here.

Tiles can be installed in one color, as a checker board, on the diagonal or square, with or without a border, with or without inserts, in a herringbone pattern or any other custom layout. More information on installation available here.

We have 400 + embossings that can be applied to the leather floor tile (or wall tile) in addition to antiquing, abrading, distressing, engraving, sand blasting or custom inlay designs.

Questions: The most popular questions are; “How can you walk on leather?”, “Does it scratch?”, ”If I wear high heels will it dent?”, “Will it stain?”

Some answers: To some degree leather floors (real leather floors) scratch, dent, scuff and stain. That's the up-side! At some point in the future that leather floor will acquire a patina and take on true character that's the very special bonus that comes with a select few natural products like copper, pewter, fine hardwood, some stone. Of course you know that everyone's wearing leather; both as a fashion statement and as a hardwearing utilitarian covering. Think about the hottest car models; always upholstered in leather, the finest handbags, the best luggage, the most beautiful books, baseball gloves, clothing and of course shoes (do you think Manolo Blahnik uses vinyl?).

For most people the scent, the sight, and most of all the feel of leather immediately conjures up pleasant thoughts and alerts the senses. What we are able to do, is help to dress an interior space with a sensual fantasy of leather, create a sedate English library, a modern “green” luxury floor, a major fashion statement that gets raves, a covering that will enhance the sound in your media room or just a quiet, warm, easy to care for floor that will last a lifetime.

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